Summer is my absolute favourite time of year. The kids are home all day long and we have so many things we want to do! In order to have the best summer ever, we try to have a list of things we want to make sure we do before school starts up again. Summer season […]

Summer time is for having fun and enjoying the beach if you have one nearby! But sometimes, as parents it can be difficult to figure out what the heck to bring to a beach with you. You don’t want to over pack, but you also don’t want to forget anything. To ensure you have everything […]

Summer time is for fun, adventure and excitement – for the kids. For the stay at home moms, summer can be an overwhelming time. As mom’s it is our job to ensure our kids are well looked after AND it’s a good idea to not make them experience too much boredom, because that’s when they […]

Everyone tells you that time flies by when you have kids. It’s important to make the most out of the little time you have with young kids and savour the moments because boy do they ever go by quickly. Motherhood brings out the daily hustle and bustle that can get so exhausting, even the thought […]

Learn how to create an efficient morning routine for your family that WORKS. Mornings can be the WORST! Not only do you have to make yourself presentable to the world, but also round up children that are tired and too resentful to listen and get dressed in a timely manner..and then you’re always late anyway! This is […]

Leaving a sick child with a babysitter is frowned upon and therefore working moms are forced to take sick days off work to care for their children. If your toddler always sick since starting daycare and as a result, you are a working mom always sick, you need these tips to help you get through […]

Have fun while learning through watching a good, educational show on Netflix for kids

How To Choose Sunscreen For Kids There are 3 very important things to look for when choosing any type of sunscreen for your child. Has an SPF of 30 or higher Protects against UVB AND UVA Rays – A broad spectrum sunscreen Is water resistant for 40 to 80 minutes Sunscreen also comes in different […]

Have you ever picked up your child from school, asked about their day and got a “good.” as a response? Welcome to parenthood. It can be a challenge to get a straight answer out of a child after school. When you find just the right combination of words, you can get your kids, and teenagers […]

Giving your child chores, no matter how little they are, can be one of the most important things you can do as a parent. The big question is, should kids have chores to do when household work should be the responsibility of the parent especially when kids are young, we should just let them be […]

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